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Future Air Power

Since 1980, the Royal Danish Air Force has placed a strong importance on its fighter air fleet. Denmark joined the Joint Strike Fighter program in 2002 during the System Development and Demonstration phase and has helped influence technical elements of the F-35 Lightning II. And in June 2016, Denmark confirmed plans to procure 27 F-35As.

The F-35A conventional takeoff and landing variant will play an integral role in the Royal Danish Air Force’s future air power. The F-35 is a 5th Generation fighter, combining advanced stealth with fighter speed and agility, fully fused sensor information, network-enabled operations and advanced sustainment. With air forces across the globe flying the same aircraft, Denmark and its allies can take advantage of advanced fighter technologies and inherent interoperability while leveraging economies of scale to enhance affordability.

The F-35 is already contributing to meaningful and lasting industrial partnerships in Denmark and internationally. Danish industry is making contributions to production of the F-35 in the areas of advanced composites, aero structures, machine parts, logistics and wiring harnesses. This work is for the global F-35 fleet, not just the aircraft that Denmark will purchase. For example, Terma is manufacturing the 25 MM gun pod that will be used on the F-35B and F-35C by the U.S. and other allies.

The Danish Air Force has also contributed an F-16, pilot and maintenance personnel to support the F-35 flight test program at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.